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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s in an Infused by LEVO gummy?

    Our gummies are made with real fruit ingredients and natural flavors for authentic, true-to-fruit flavor.

    LEVO gummies use cannabis extracts blended with unique botanical and fruit terpenes to craft our world class flavors, effects and experiences. LEVO products are designed and continuously improved by a team of food scientists who work daily to create our industry leading cannabis edibles. Our stringent manufacturing standards and quality controls ensure consistent dosing and flavor throughout every batch of product we produce.
    LEVO gummies contain THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis which is responsible for creating the "high" experienced when consuming cannabis products.

  • What effects do they have?

    Some LEVO products also incorporate "minor cannabinoids". Minor cannabinoids consumed in combination with THC may produce synergistic effects which consumers can select for their preferred experience. LEVO is proud to offer a broad range of products incorporating both THC and minor cannabinoids to offer our consumers an array of high quality experiences which they can select to match their unique goals for cannabis consumption.
    Nutritional information for our products is available on our product pages.

    Cannabis edibles have been known to produce a stronger and longer lasting effect than inhaled cannabis. This is essential for individuals looking to experience cannabis products but do not want to inhale cannabis smoke.
    Many users report an onset time of 15-45 minutes when consuming LEVO gummies. Onset can take up to 90 minutes for some consumers depending on their unique circumstance and sensitivity to cannabis.
    It is important to note that cannabis affects everyone differently. LEVO uses the highest quality cannabis extracts combined with natural fruit and botanical terpenes that help facilitate different sensations like calm, euphoria, or body relief, for instance. While we have built a reputation for consistently delivering outstanding cannabis experiences which are trustworthy and repeatable, it's important to recognize every body is different, and may experience the effects of cannabis consumption differently. We strongly encourage consumers of LEVO to know their own needs and sensitivities and exercise caution when consuming new cannabis products for the first time.
    Remember, how you personally experience cannabis is not wrong, and may take some patience and experimentation to find what you are looking for. LEVO proudly offers edibles in a range of potencies and incorporating minor cannabinoids to provide many choices so that you can find the right cannabis experience for you.

  • Where should I start?

    First time-consuming edibles? We recommend starting with a smaller dose.
    A recommended starting size for a first-time consumer is anywhere from 1-5mg THC. It is suggested to begin with a lower dose for your first time and experiment with different dosages until you find the experience that works effectively for you and your body.
    We always suggest the "low and slow" route to edibles. Remember, you can always add more but you cannot take away. LEVO gummies are produced with consistent distribution of cannabinoid potency throughout our product, so cutting a gummy into portions is an effective way to moderate your dose if a whole gummy exceeds the potency you find ideal.
    Information on the potency of our products is available on our product pages and packaging labels. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the potency of your LEVO product when deciding how much to consume.

  • How long do infused gummies take to kick in?

    20-60 minutes
    Many users report an onset time of 20-60 minutes when consuming Infused by LEVO gummies. Onset can take up to 90 minutes for some consumers depending on their unique circumstance and sensitivity. It is important to note that supplements affect everyone differently.

  • Are Infused by LEVO gummies good for sleep?

    The Sweet Dreams flavor has a host of ingredients that are said to promote sleep including CBN, D9, and melatonin.

  • What do Infused by LEVO gummies do?

    Infused by LEVO gummies have a host of ingredients that are said to have an entourage effect when put together, perfect for rejuvenating your body and mind while restoring a sense of overall balance.

  • Are Infused by LEVO gummies good for anxiety?

    Be Well, Positive Energy, and Sweet Dreams all have most CBD or CBN than D9 to promote a smoother experience. These ratios are said to help with a more balanced feeling that’s less prone to anxiety, so they are great for those who are concerned about anxiety compared to D9 alone.