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Positive Energy Gummies - 2:1 Acai

Positive Energy Gummies - 2:1 Acai

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Açaí + Energy and Clarity

Feel a lift and experience additional clarity, from supporting your neurological system with this acai 2:1.

Infused by LĒVO’s Positive Energy gummies are perfect for dog walks, Costco runs, 9 holes of golf, or catching up on weekend work. Bursting with B vitamins and Inositil, you’ll enjoy the gentle lift from a 2:1 CBD to Delta 9 THC blend while feeling infused with Positive Energy. This gummy is uniquely posed for the entourage effect everyone is raving about, with a little bit of everything working altogether. 

Includes a bottle of (12) or (30) gummies each packed with a punch!

    • CBD (20 mg)
    • D9 THC (10 mg)
    • B Complex: B12 (20 mg), B3 Niacin (20 mg), B6 (2 mg), Folate B9 (500 mcg), Biotin (30 mcg), Inositil (2 mg), Riboflavin B2 (1 mg)

    Our gummies are 100% vegan, pesticide-free, and heavy metal free. Due to our use of natural coloring and flavors, the appearance of our gummies may vary from one flavor packed piece to the next.

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    so what’s in it?

    CBD (20 mg)

    CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that does not produce a psychoactive effect. It is believed to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating some of the body’s processes like pain perception, mood, and inflammation. Thus, CBD may have properties that contribute to reduced anxiety, relieved pain, and less inflammation.

    D9 (10 mg)

    Delta-9 THC (D9) is the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis responsible for creating the feeling of a “high”, and can have a range of effects on the mind and body. Although more research is being conducted on D9 to understand it better, studies have shown that it may have appetite stimulating and anti-nausea properties, as well as acting as a natural pain reliever.

    B Complex

    B vitamins work together to play a unique role in the body like converting the food you eat into usable energy. Scientific research suggests that they can also support a healthy nervous system, resulting in improved mental clarify and reduced fatigue. (Includes: B12 20 mg, B3 Niacin 20 mg, B6 2 mg, Folate B9 500 mcg, Biotin 30 mcg, Nositil 2 mg, Riboflavin B2 1 mg).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are Infused by LĒVO gummies made of?

      Infused by LĒVO gummies are 100% vegan and use hemp derived cannabis extracts blended with unique botanical terpenes and real fruit flavors to craft world class authentic, true-to-fruit taste. Combined with other natural properties like vitamin C and D, zinc, and melatonin, there is an ideal formulation for everyone. Our stringent manufacturing standards and quality controls ensure consistent dosing and flavor throughout every batch of product we produce. Infused by LĒVO gummies contain Delta 9 (D9), a psychoactive component of cannabis which is responsible for creating the "high" experienced when consuming cannabis products.

    • What effects do they have?

      Infused by LĒVO gummies combine cannabis extracts and specially selected nutrients to help facilitate different sensations like calming rest, lifted energy, and euphoric joy. With a host of ingredients having an entourage effect when combined together in each intentional gummy formulation, they have differing results across flavors which consumers can select for their preferred experience. Cannabis edibles can produce a stronger and longer lasting effect than inhaled cannabis, which can be essential for individuals looking to experience cannabis products but do not want the effects of inhaling smoke. All Infused by LĒVO products incorporate Delta 9 (D9), which is a cannabinoid that causes a psychoactive effect similar to THC. Some gummies also incorporate "minor cannabinoids" like CBD and CBN. Minor cannabinoids consumed in combination with D9 may produce synergistic effects which consumers can select for their ideal experience. Nutritional information for our products is available on our product pages and upon request.

    • Where should I start?

      Regardless of your experience level with edibles we always suggest the "low and slow" route to enjoying them. Remember, you can always add more but you cannot take away. If it's your first time consuming we recommend starting with a smaller dose, and then experimenting with different dosages until you find the experience that works effectively for you and your body. A recommended starting size for a first-time consumer is anywhere from 1-5 mg D9. Infused by LĒVO gummies are produced with consistent distribution of cannabinoid potency throughout our product, so cutting a gummy into portions is an effective way to moderate your dose if a whole gummy exceeds the potency you find ideal. Information on the potency of our products is available on our product pages and packaging labels. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the potency of your LĒVO products when deciding how much to consume.

    • How long do Infused by LĒVO gummies take to kick in?

      Many users report an onset time of 15-45 minutes when consuming our gummies. Onset can take up to 90 minutes for some consumers depending on their unique circumstance and sensitivity. It is important to note that edibles and supplements affect everyone differently and to start slow until you understand how you personally feel and experience them.

    • Are Infused by LĒVO gummies good for sleep?

      Infused by LĒVO gummies offer a flavorful and convenient way to experience a range of sensations. While we cannot make specific health claims, some users have reported finding the Sweet Dreams gummies helpful for promoting a better and more sound sleep. These gummies are formulated with natural sleep aids like CBN and melatonin, as well as Delta 9 (D9), a cannabinoid that can have a therapeutic effect. While scientific evidence varies on the effects of these ingredients, we invite you to explore the potential benefits and see how our gummies can enhance your sleep experience. As with all of our products, nutritional information for our Sweet Dreams gummies is available on our product pages and upon request.

    • Are Infused by LĒVO gummies legal?

      You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase and consume Infused by LĒVO products. Infused by LĒVO gummies use 100% hemp derived cannabis extracts and are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. When using and purchasing hemp products it is important to check on and follow your local laws and regulations as it pertains to hemp and cannabis usage, as they can differ in some regions at the state level. Infused by LĒVO does not take responsibility for consumers not following local regulations and we reserve the right to decline shipping to states or territories where local regulations contradict the 2018 Farm Bill.

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